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In-house Instructor Training

Instructional Technique Training

This is a 2 part course desgined for clients who wish to have their own staffed trained to become in-house instructors. Part 1 is instructional technique training and part 2 is training in the specific discipline.


Part 1 – consists of effectively teaching the key lessons including:

  • Development and Delivery of a Skills Based Work Equipment Competency Assessment.
  • Creating Effective Lesson Plans.
  • Developing Effective Instructional Techniques.
  • Demonstration Techniques.
  • Effective Coaching.
  • Assessing Trainee Skills & Knowledge.
  • Monitoring Training Effectiveness.


Part 2 – This can only be done once part 1 is completed and consists training in your specialised subject.

Specialised subjects available are:

  • Abrasive Wheel Cutting & Grinding Machines Appointed Person.
  • Ladder & Step User.
  • Mobile Aluminium Tower User.
  • Personal Fall Protection User.
  • Safe Work At Height Instructor.


Although Instructional Techniques is “Generic” we would be much more confident of a successful outcome for the new instructor if the course includes as a focus discipline the actual equipment type being trained on.


Example of programme & Fee’s  for an In-House Ladder & Step Instructor:

  • 3 Days Instructional Techniques for Work Equipment Trainers – Course Fee £1800 + VAT.
  • 2 Days Ladder & Steps Instructor Training – Course Fee £1200 + VAT.
  • 1 Day Assessment within 30 days – Assessment Fee £600 + VAT.


Total Programme time 6 days.

Aa maximum of 2 Instructors can be put thorough this programme for these fees).

Our fixed daily expense fee applies of £95.00 + VAT per day.

If you require an In-House Instructor trained on any other discipline not shown above please do not hesitate to contact us. Our Principal specialises and excels in this area.