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System Scaffold Erector – Cuplok

Cuplok Basic Erector

Course objective is to ensure people who are given the responsibility by their employer to erect Cuplok System Scaffold Structures up to a maximum platform height of 6 metres (8 metres working) can do so in a safe manner in accordance with SG4:22, the guidance provided by the system manufacturer and current legislation. 

An In-house Erector Competency Certificate (valid for 3 years) will be awarded to all participants who successfully complete the technical paper, and show an acceptable level of knowledge & skill with the system during the practical workshops and final practical skills assessment.

We use our client’s venue (subject to suitability) and equipment or equipment hired in for the purpose of the training (we provide a component list of required equipment). If your venue is not suitable, we have access to a fully equipped training venue in Immingham, with our supply partners Scaffolding Supplies Limited. 

In order to fully comply with SG4:22 Guidance our clients will be required to have eight (8)  “Kwikstep battens made up to our design prior to the training, we will supply design drawings for this purpose. These can also be purchased ready-made from our supply partners Scaffolding Supplies Limited. 


This is a 5 Day Training Course

Day One

Introduction & Course Aims.

The System Scaffold Concept.

Basic Design Criteria.

Components – identification and use.

Quantifying Components.

Safe Erection Procedure.

Basing Out Exercises.

Access Options.

Practical Workshop.


Day Two

Designing First Practical Structure.

Quantifying Components.

“Kwiksteps” Safe System of Work SG4:22

Harness Inspection, Donning & Safe Use.

Practical Workshop.


Day Three

Stability Tying & Loading.

Buttress Towers Rakers.

Practical Workshop.


Day Four

Striking Safely Handover Inspection.

Reporting & Tagging.

Tie Patterns.

Practical Tying Workshop.

Technical Question Paper.


Day Five

Squad Assessment Day.


Erectors will be required to demonstrate the 5 key Knowledge & Skills area’s covered on the course under assessment. Designing, Quantifying, Erecting, Inspecting/tagging/reporting and Striking.

This course will qualify Erectors to build Basic Cuplok Scaffolding up to a maximum platform height of 6mtrs, with access provided through a safety gate, or by ladder bays with single lift ladders.

We can offer this course at your premises given our requirements for the theory and Practical Workshops can be accommodated. (please check our requirements)



Course Fee £795.00 per delegate + VAT (incl. Erector handbook and registered certificate of competence).

Our fixed daily expense fee applies of £95.00 + VAT per day.


All delegates will require a Full Body Harness and a 1.75mtr (max) Fall Arrest Lanyard with 55mm Snap Hook, we are able to supply this PFPE and bring it along with us if you wish (we only supply high-quality British-made PFPE), please check our current costs, before you purchase elsewhere.


Min Number of delegates

Is 3 (it is possible to have 4 on one course, for pro-rata fee).

Two squads can be trained (6) at the same time but twice the equipment and twice the ground area will be needed for the practical workshops.        


Additional Modules Available

  • Cuplok Loading Towers.
  • Cuplok Mobile Towers.
  • Cuplok Staircase Towers.           


Cuplok Refresher Training is also available for previously trained squads.

This will need to be undertaking before current certificate expires. This is a 3 day course. Contact us for more info.

Cuplok Advanced Erector

This is a 3 Day Training Course

Qualified Basic Erectors are trained over two days to erect scaffolding up to a maximum platform height of 10 mtrs. this training includes the installation and safe use of Gin wheels to move components up & down the structure. Tie Patterns are covered and additional bracing & stabilising requirements. The third day is a practical skills assessment of the squad erecting a fifth lift up to 10 mtrs, inspection/recording, striking completely.


Venue Practical Requirements

Scaffold must be against a building which is at least 10 mtrs high and constructed of suitable materials to allow anchor type ties to be installed.

The elevation the scaffold is erected along must be at least 6mtrs long.



Additional 3 Day Modules are available covering:

Cuplok Bridges (for bridging openings/obstructions).

Please note*  System Erectors are not allowed to use ladder beams or truss beams these are components used by Scaffolders Only)

Cuplok Loading Towers.