Access Training Services

access training services

Ladders & Steps Safety Training

Keeping workers safe at height during low level access work especially from ladders, can be very challenging for Employers. We assist with this challenge, by providing a range of training courses which are Practical Skills based, and cover the most common types of low level access equipment available today.

We also sell a personally tested range of specific ladder safety equipment, “Microlite” ladder top stabiliser, and the “Laddermate” ladder base stabiliser; among others, these attachments very effectively take care of the security of the ladder,  the next step is to secure the worker to the stabilised ladder, to achieve this and allow the worker to complete the work task using both hands if required, a “Cow-tail” restraint lanyard is attached from a full body harness to the highest rung of the ladder, this achieves the legal requirement for three points of contact in the work position on the ladder at all times.

We can provide the equipment to our clients for the training (apart from ladders/steps) and train the users to inspect, adjust, wear full body harnesses to restrain themselves using our “Cow-tail” restraint lanyard.

Ladder & Steps User Competency

This is a Half Day Course

Covering Ladder & Step safety and the use of the Personal Ladder Restraint System.

Delegates will learn their legal duties as employees, how to carry out a Job Site Risk Assessment (JSRA), choosing the correct equipment for Work at Height, pre-use inspection of equipment, how to set up the ladder/step correctly, ladder/step security, how to work safely from ladders/steps, including the use of PFPE ( Personal Fall Protection Equipment) restraint system, how to dismantle the equipment safely. Delegates will be required to demonstrate technical and practical skills during the assessment.                   


Please Note* this course does not include our Roof Ridge Access System.

Roof Ridge Access (PRRAS System)

This is of Half Day Duration (it can be added to the ladder/step half day course to make a full day)

Specifically designed to ensure that an Efficient, Effective and SAFE system is used when maintenance type work is required on a pitched roof, at the ridge, or chimney stack, that can be carried out on/from the secured roof ladder.

Using a Safe System Of Work developed by our Principal Instructor in 2001, it uses a Safety Line “Rope Rocker” attached to the secured roof ladder, to provide an effective restraint anchorage to ensure the worker will not slide down the roof and over the eaves of the roof into a fall situation.

It teaches all the ladder safety points covered in the basic course, Job Site Risk Assessment, inspecting, setting up, securing, PFPE donning, climbing/descending, with the additional knowledge & skills required to install the roof ladder and safety line, safe operation of the system, work positioning & security, finally dismounting system.

We supply the Rope Rocker system usually with 20m of Kernmantle semi-dynamic rope, Full body harness, Cow-tail restraint lanyard, Industrial velcro strapping, rope bag, Microlite ladder top stabiliser, Laddermate ladder base stabiliser, this is supplied in a kit this way the cost is very attractive for our clients.

We have many Local Authorities and Housing Associations who are using the system across the country, it is well proven, and for those jobs that a Job Site Risk Assessment identify,  do not require the use of a working platform, this Safe System of Work is the most cost effective and always remember! having a height worker in restraint rather than arrest is always the safer option. The Benefit to the employer is there is no worry or need to have a rescue plan in place.


Please Note*  We will not supply this kit without the training being carried out at the point of supply, (in our opinion it is too dangerous).

Ladder, Step & Roof Access Safety

This is One Day Course

Delegates are taught all the above topics, and in the afternoon Work At Height Safety in Roof-Working is covered including, hazards & risks, safe access (ladders, towers and scaffolding) safe working practices on flat roofs, pitched roofs, industrial roofs, fragile roofs, safe movement and storage of materials, protecting others. Delegates will sit a post-course questionnaire which has a minimum pass mark, to verify key learning points are understood.

Light Access Inspection Competency

This is a One Day Course

A one day course coving the mandatory (recordable) yearly inspection of height work equipment, inc; ladders and steps, podium steps and mobile aluminium tower equipment. Ideal for anyone responsible for plant on construction sites.

Ladder & Steps In-House Instructor Competency Certificate

This is a Two Day Course (with an additional Assessment Day within 30 days)

If the delegates have not had any previous (demonstrable) instructional technique training, then they will have to attend our three day Instructional Techniques Training before attending this course.

Learn how to design and deliver in-house training and assess trainee’s competence to use ladders and steps safely in the workplace. Syllabus covers:

Work @ Height Regulations 2005,  Ladder & Step Types, JSRA, Choosing the most Appropriate W@H Equipment. Pre-use Inspections, Erecting Equipment Safely, Using Equipment Safely, PFPE, Personal Restraint System, training covers the following skills; Instructional, Demonstrating, Coaching, Assessing Knowledge and Skills.

An internal training course will need to be organised and carried out by the Instructors who will be assessed delivering the theory knowledge and practical skills to a minimum of three trainees, within 30 days of this initial instructor training.