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Rescue From Height (GOTCHA)

This unique course has been developed to assist our clients to ensure adequate plans have been developed to ensure height workers who rely on fall arrest measures for protection can be rescued swiftly in the event of a fall occurring, and the faller is left in suspension.

Legally these rescue plans are required whenever; a fall into a free space, where the faller has no means of self-rescue, or is likely to be knocked unconscious, by hitting an unavoidable obstruction below the working position.

In our opinion as Height Work Safety Advisors this is the most important factor that in our experience, never gets the consideration it deserves. It could well be the difference between rescuing a casualty – or – recovering a fatality!

Let’s all ensure height workers who rely on PFPE understand fully how to operate a Tele-pole Rescue Kit such as “Gotcha” (this is only one of many commercially available rescue kits). We can provide this life saving training on any available kit.

For more information on these course, please get in touch with our friendly team!